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Several publications have noted that areas with high cattle densities have higher disease prevalence than urban areas.

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HALIFAX – Public health officials in Nova Scotia knew they were dealing with an outbreak of E. coli five days before they informed the public about it in early January, documents obtained by The Canadian Press show.

The first indication that staff were aware of the E. coli 0157 outbreak appears in two emails...

A case of E. coli infection has been connected to frozen beef burgers recalled by the Canadian division of Safeway grocery stores last week, Canadian health officials announced on Wednesday.

At least one patient in the Regina, Saskatchewan area has fallen ill with E. coli O157:H7 after eating a frozen burger under one of two brand...

Chicken and ground beef are the riskiest meats, according to a new ranking released by the Center for Science in the Public Interest in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

CSPI’s study, “Risky Meat: A Field Guide to Meat & Poultry Safety,” ranked 12 categories of meat and poultry based on their outbreak reports and the likelihood of...

OTTAWA, ONTARIO—(Marketwired – Jun 5, 2013) – Earlier today, following several months of interviews with a wide variety of government and non-government organizations and individuals, the Independent Expert Advisory Panel submitted our report to Minister Ritz. We are honoured to have been...